How do you help companies and founders?

Founders often come to us looking for funding. Over the course of helping hundreds of founders capitalize their companies, we’ve found that funding is a by-product of being investable.

To us, being investable means:
• You have a clear development roadmap (where are you going and why)
• You have a strong, aligned team (great teams know where they’re going, and are pulling together to get there)
• You have a clear value proposition for investors (knowing and being able to explain how to make investors money)
• Strong communication skills (you know how to communicate your company’s value to your team, your investors, and your market)
• You are coachable (you know how to learn from advisers, your market, and your customers)
• You know your risks, and you share them authentically (and have plans to mitigate them)

We work with founders through these issues to help them become more investable.