They don’t know where to find good fit investors.
Usually they have unaddressed risks in their business.
Sometimes they don’t know how to authentically and effectively tell their story.

The Investable Framework is fundamentally a process of exposing blind spots, overcoming key risks, and creating value-add partnerships. This makes funding easier while helping you create a more durable and valuable business in the process.

We work through a structured due diligence process the same way any investor would, except that we do it with you instead of against you.

We work together to address key risks and then to socialize potential sources of funding in your network, our network, and outside networks.

Most founders tend to focus on the traditional fundraising model of Bootstrap > Angel > VC. Though a good fit for some, there are myriad other funding sources and strategies that Investable exposes to your company to help you raise the right money, from the right sources at the right time...


Every business we work with has different goals, teams, markets, plans, etc. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. We utilize a framework and tools that we’ve developed over the years with over 60 companies. It is customized for each and every engagement to ensure it’s “fit for purpose”.

3+ months
1-month "safety valve"

We only work with companies to which we can add value. If during the first month either side decides it’s not a “good fit” we simply end the engagement.

Capitalization and Fundraising Strategies for round-over-round success is our day-to-day business. We understand what works well for different types and stages of companies and our best clients leverage our experience as a long-term strategic partner and extension of their team.

Investable was instrumental in helping us develop a capital strategy to ensure we have the right funding at different stages. They've helped us expose risks that we hadn't seen. They've helped us improve our overall company and our pitch to investors.

Emily Drown, Joint Venture LLC


Initial Engagement

Month 1 - 3

Our initial engagement is structured as a fee for service. We don’t do “success fees” or a percentage of money raised. Some of the areas we often work

  • Short-term capital planning and sourcing
  • Long-term capital strategy (including round over round planning)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Product, Market, Team, Financial & Capital Audit
  • Management and/or Cap Table structuring
  • Comparable & Valuation Analysis
  • Target Investor List & Investor Socialization and Marketing
  • Fundraising collateral analysis and creation (pitch decks, financials, placemats, et cetera)


Month 3 and further

Initial Engagement fees are intentionally kept low as we’re most interested in finding long-term partnerships where we can continue to add value. This takes many forms and can look like us investing into the business, helping you prepare for the next round of funding, bringing new channels or outside partnerships to the table, or other internal and external resources that we have access to.

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