There are lots of groups that do what we do, but our partners work with us for how and why we do it. We’re entrepreneurs and investors, and have a deep understanding of what it’s like to be on both sides of the table. We’ve built and scaled companies and teams, we’ve raised and invested capital, and we’ve developed an approach that brings our experience to your venture.

Our approach is human-centered capital.
Money helps, but success is about enrolling amazing people in helping you get where you want to go. We surround your business with people that have built, invested in, and scaled businesses just like yours.
Our approach is transformative.
Our goal is nothing short of helping you change the way you view your business. We help you find and execute on opportunities that change the trajectory of your business, and sometimes, your life.
Our approach is custom-fit.
You are the biggest investor in your business. That’s why our approach is all about helping you articulate what you want, and creating powerful roadmaps for getting there.
Our approach is authentic.
We create a space to be vulnerable and genuine, to generate the type of conversation that surfaces problems in your venture and creates real breakthroughs.
Our approach is force-multiplying.
We become an extension of your team to help you do more of what you’re already great at, while also leveraging our team and network to fill key gaps.
Our approach builds capabilities.
Our goal is you leave any interaction with us richer in experience, abilities, and tools than you were before. We’re not interested in creating dependency, rather, we want to build capacity.
Our approach is resourceful.
Our process unlocks the most powerful resources for your stage, your company, and your situation. Money might be valuable for your business, but as entrepreneurs, we know and can bring all kinds of resources beyond money to your business.

Our work speaks for itself.

We've helped over 50 companies raise anywhere between $250k and $20 million.

Meet The Investable Team

Christopher Pagels

Managing Partner

Christopher is an investor and entrepreneur with a deep background in launching, scaling, and investing in startup companies. After exiting his first medical device company, he has helped launch, advised, and invested in over 100 companies over the last 10 years, and guided dozens of investments and acquisitions. With a background in bioengineering, Christopher brings a systems approach to building and financing companies in the eCommerce, clean technology, and medical technology industries. He advises portfolio companies on strategic direction, advises on M&A and investment strategies, develops strategic partnerships, and assists in addressing key operational and strategic issues that may inhibit growth and fundraising. What makes Christopher happiest is dreaming with his eyes open and helping others do the same.

Andrew Pagels

Managing Partner

Andrew is a bio-engineer by training, and an entrepreneur and investor by practice. He’s founded, co-founded, advised, or invested in 100+ companies in the last 6 years, and has weaved entrepreneurship, management, and engineering backgrounds together to bring a systems-driven and results-oriented approach to the often-messy world of starting and growing companies. Andrew excels at helping founders explore what’s possible, articulate those goals, and break down the barriers that stand between them and success.

Megan Scaglione

Senior Analyst

Megan is an Investor, Analyst, and Entrepreneur. Over the years, she has invested in over 15 companies, analyzed hundreds more and started an e-commerce business. She has also worked with Sorenson Impact Center and Quatere where she mapped the founder and investor landscape for manufacturers in the Greater Salt Lake area. While at the Technology Venture and Commercialization office of the University of Utah she modeled various commercialization plans for the Cleantech space. Megan holds a BS in Entrepreneurship from the University of Utah.

Ryan Shepherd


Ryan brings over 2 decades of experience to the Investable team and its clients in entrepreneurism, product development, supply chain management and operations. Ryan has started or worked on dozens of businesses with multiple exits and intimately understands what founders are going through as they are starting and growing their new business. Ryan has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Africa creating products and businesses working with both for-profit and non-profit organizations. His philosophy is that with the right tools and opportunities everyone has the potential to create opportunities and provide for themselves. He has is currently a board member of the Utah Solar Energy Association and the Never Again Foundation. Ryan holds an MBA from Southern Utah University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

David Erickson


David is a Marketing Strategist and Entrepreneur. He has over a decade of experience in Cleantech, Software and International Business and has started, managed and successfully exited multiple business in the U.S. and Africa. He’s also had the privilege of working with many NGO and Non-profit organizations including Mercy Corps, World Vision, USAID, and others to develop social enterprise and economic development projects in Emerging Markets. David has an MBA from Cranfield School of Management in the UK.

Robert Bell

Venture Partner

Robert has coached 100s of founders, startups, and executives all along the stages of their journey, from napkin sketches to companies doing $5B in annual revenue. He helps people change their lives by looking at the world differently, building resourcefulness, creating communities, and learning to identify and overcome their limiting beliefs along the way.

Karl Cain

Venture Partner

Karl is a Sales Strategist and Entrepreneur. With 2 decades of technology sales leadership across multiple vertical markets, he has grown successful start-ups from early stage revenue to over $250M in sales and led sales divisions at Fortune 100 companies including Dell, Intel, and Seagate. His expertise includes successful ventures in CleanTech and FinTech. Breaking down the complexities of revenue growth, having concise processes, and a plan to win are core to the value he brings founders in establishing successful sales channels.