Business growth is more than just innovation, grit and hard work.

Every stage of business brings new challenges and unforeseen risks. Some of these are known and others show up as blind spots which if left unaddressed can make raising capital to grow difficult, if not impossible.

Why do some businesses get funding, while others don’t?

Every business has risk. The first step to deal with these risks is to identify them and then create plans to deal with the highest priority risks first.

When raising money, savvy investors will often see risks that you don’t. This causes investors to not invest. We call these risks blind spots. This can delay raising capital and cause delayed business growth or worse, business failure.

Many business owners have these blind spots because they’re focused on the day-to-day activities of the company and miss the systems and details that make their business investable.

Most owners create marketing, sales, or product development plans but very few create a complete capital strategy which is required when building a long-term viable business.

With a capital strategy, investable companies find “good money”. They retain more equity, keep control of their company, and are well positioned for future rounds of funding to grow the business.


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How do I prepare for funding?

Good investors can quickly identify blind spots in a business and will avoid what appear to be risky investments which signal the business owner may not understand a crucial part of their business. Investable businesses reduce these blind spots and create a capital strategy before getting in front of good investors.

Our best clients come to us seeking solutions that reduce their blind spots and help them come out ahead with investors by creating a solid capital strategy.

The Investable team has designed a framework to support growing businesses at key financial pivot points.

We support businesses with fundraising, restructuring, acquisition, and business planning.

The Investable framework is performed the same way any equity investor or debt provider will do due diligence on your business with one big difference — we do due diligence with you, instead of against you with investors from our network so you can see your business the way they do.

This means instead of investors passing on you and you not hearing back... you now elevate the conversation level to that of a trained venture analyst making the investor’s job easier. This starts the relationship on solid footing and sets you up for a faster decision.

As an Investable business, our clients are ready to connect with ideal investors, negotiate better terms, and increase their ability to get the right money to achieve their vision.

How do I know if my business is investable?

Each business, owner, team and market is unique. If you are serious about fundraising and growing your business, and would like to find out if your business is Investable we can help you answer that question.

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We've helped over 50 companies raise anywhere between $250K and $20 million


Working with Investable helped us develop a path of least resistance to the success of our venture. We were able to see what was holding us back from accomplishing our objectives, and how to change our thinking to create a project that is viable and reasonable from an outside perspective.

Dan Roper, Founder, Furex

My company Succubus Publishing had an awesome Kickstarter campaign for our board game Middara, unfortunately my co-founder and I lacked the business experience and foresight to realize that the money we'd raised from backers wasn't enough to do what we needed to do. That’s where Investable comes in. Not only were they cool as hell and relatable, they supported us and gave us the tools we needed to raise capital, fulfill our backers, and continue to grow the business. 2019 is going to be big thanks to their help.

Alex Hansen, Founder, Succubus

Working with Investable has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Andrew and Christopher have a gift for enabling and empowering entrepreneurs to see past the daily hustle and grind and evolve beyond small-minded thinking. Investable is the real deal; trustworthy, honest, critically intelligent—their leadership and capital strategy acumen has altered the trajectory of my business. This powerhouse team will change your business, and may also change your approach to life in the process.

Jainee Dial, Founder, Wylder